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When No One is Watching

“Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” C. S. Lewis

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What do we do when no one is around? Are our actions honorable or dishonorable?

Early in the mornings, I teach English to Chinese students online through FaceTime. While I work, I snuggle up with a heated blanket.

One morning after I finished tutoring, I folded up my gray fleece, and a huge black spider scurried out! I screamed and squashed it!

Hairy spiders creep me out!!!

I checked my work station for any other creepy-crawlies. Thankfully, I found none.

Like crawling spiders, our sins are pests. Some remain undetected, while others are intentionally hidden. We assume others don't know about them and aren't affected.

Maybe we think…

Whispering about my friend isn't gossip, is it?

Viewing pornography isn't going to hurt anyone, is it?

Stealing a small amount of cash won't affect my employer’s thriving business, will it?

Speaking white lies never harmed anyone, right?

Flirting with my attentive coworker won't influence my marriage, will it?

Yet God sees and says, “And be sure your sin with find you out.” Numbers 32:23b ESV

The small sins grow bigger. After a while, the trespasses become a cancer causing great disaster (James 1:15).

We need to ask the Lord to reveal any hidden sins in our lives and then remove them. Just like we crush the ugly spiders, we should confess our sins (I John 1:9).

What sins are buried inside our hearts?

Lord, please reveal any hidden sins in my life. I want to remove them and replace them with godly habits that glorify You. I confess them to You. Please forgive me and cleanse me. Help me to live a life of integrity.

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