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What is your greatest treasure?

What is my greatest treasure?

When I lived in Africa, I taught a ladies’ Bible study in the local village. The dedicated women tied their babies to their backs and sat in a circle on the cement floor, while the older children peeked in the open door. God’s truths mesmerized and transformed their lives.

After a year of faithfully attending, each mother received her own precious Bible. The room erupted into boisterous singing and colorful skirts swaying. Tears filled my eyes.

My family owns twelve Bibles, and three are mine. I can listen to the Scriptures on Christian radio, at church, or on a podcast. I can stroll into a Christian bookstore and select any kind of Bible, but do I treat it like any other book?

Is the Bible so available that I don’t value it? Am I lackadaisical to the wealthy of information at my fingertips?

I read my Bible, but am I more satisfied with Hallmark movies, HGTV magazines, and juicy entries on Facebook or twitter?

Would I rather cheer at a sport’s event, or serve at my local church?

Do I crave the outer beauty over the inner character?

Do I covet shiny possessions rather than eternal rewards?

Why is it easier to memorize popular lyrics than Bible verses?

What do I desire?

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 ESV

My treasure is where I spend my time, energy, and money. Only God observes my thoughts, but my choices reveal my commitment.

If you opened my checkbook, what would you discover? If you looked at my planner, where do I go? What did I do? How many hours did I spend watching TV or social media versus memorizing Scripture or spending time with God?

Lord, help me to realize how precious You are. May I treasure You above all else.

1. Teach me how to use my days wisely. (Psalm 90:12)

2. Help me to deny myself and present myself daily as a living sacrifice. (Rom. 12:1-2)

3. Use my money for your kingdom. (Matt. 6:24)

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