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Small Seeds Big Results

"Think twice before you speak,

because your words and influence will plant

the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another." Napolean Hill

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Looking out our dining room window, we have two large oak trees that shade the back side of our house and provide homes to chattering squirrels and chirping birds. We didn't plant them, but we enjoy their benefits.

Someone choose to plant the acorns and waited for the results. They knew that trees take years to mature but last for decades.

The same is true with us. The "seeds" we cultivate today will influence us and others tomorrow.

What kind of seeds are we planting?

I'm trying to plant more seeds of encouragement this year, especially with my family. I'm quick to point out faults and slow to give out praise. I would like to change that.

This week someone spoke words of encouragement to me in an area that I was struggling with and it pushed me farther.

We may never know the results of our seeds, but we should plant as many good ones as possible and discard the bad ones.

This story I heard recently helps us ponder one kind of seed (our speech) that we plant everyday with others.

A father noticed that his son lost his temper a lot and spewed hurtful words to those around him. Concerned filled the father because he knew that his son didn't realize the impact of his behavior.

The father took his son to their backyard and told him to hammer one nail into the wooden fence each time he lost his temper or mouthed a mean word. The son agreed.

The first few weeks the son hammered lots of nails in the fence. Embarrassed, he decided to do better. Slowly over time, less nails appeared in the fence.

One day the son completed an entire day without pounding one nail into the fence. He eagerly shared the good news with his father who congratulated him.

The father then challenged his son to remove a nail each day he controlled his tongue and temper. After many months, the son removed all of the nails, but he noticed that many holes punctured the fence.

His father explained that is how our words and actions are. We can apologize but sometimes scars remain.

"The tongue that heals is a tree of life, but a devious tongue breaks the spirit."

Proverbs 15:4

May we plant good seeds wherever we go because small seeds yield big results.

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