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Nameless but Famous: Lesson from Noah's Wife

"Many a man proclaims his own steadfast love, but a faithful man who can find?"

Proverbs 20:6 ESV

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Do you struggle with feeling insignificant?

I have. As I go about my day, I wonder, "Am I making a difference? Would anyone miss me if I was gone? Is this important?"

We don't want to be invisible, but we want to be noticed and recognized.

Whether we are coping with school, changing diapers, chauffeuring kids, crunching numbers at work, or caring for the elderly...

How can we ensure that our lives are significant and that we aren't wasting our time?

When God told Noah to build the ark, the Bible recorded Noah and his three sons' names, but it omitted Noah's wife and three daughter-in-laws' names. Even though their names were missing, their roles were essential to one of the most significant events in history (Genesis 6:18, 7:13).

(Slip your feet into Noah's wife's shoes and imagine what she might have experienced.)

Noah's wife raised children in a wicked world (Genesis 5:32, 6:5-8). She encouraged her husband when he preached righteousness and people ignored him (2 Peter 2:5).

She supported her husband when the community thought he was nuts for building a big boat for decades. She hammered gopher wood, gathered food, and corralled animals while people squawked and gawked (Genesis 6:9-22).

While rocking back and forth in the ark, she smelled stinky animals and fed them for over a year. She heard roaring, baaing, and cooing while scooping animal poop (Genesis 7-8)!

Yuck! Surely, that job would make anyone feel insignificant? But no, God called her and her family to be zookeepers for a season, and they served faithful.

What is God calling us too? Are we being faithful?

Whatever season of life we are in, no task is meaningless!

We need to realize that God's plan is bigger than our plans, and we need to trust and obey Him. We don't see the big picture, but we can take comfort that God orchestrates everything perfectly.

We need to be faithful where we are placed because our true significance comes from Christ alone. God loves us regardless of our accomplishments or failures. He doesn't love us more or less based on our ethnicity, social status, or address. It is only because of His great love and mercy that we are His children.

As we rest in this truth, we can stop striving for recognition and serve Him. We can thank Him for sending His only Son to die in our place and accepting us into His family when we believe in Him (2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 5:8).

Our pride demands fame, but our obedience brings fame to God.

Even though Noah's wife is nameless in the Bible, she faithfully completed the tasks that God gave her to do. Her small part helped save her family and the animals.

How about us? Are we more satisfied with trophies than our testimonies? Are we being faithful with our small parts and trusting God's big plan?

Lord, please help us know that our true significance is found in You alone. Help us to be faithful with the tasks that you give us to do and to bring fame to Your name.

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