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How the Cell Phone is Changing our Lives

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According to Gallup, 52% of cell phone owners check their phones several times every hour. Dscount researched that people touching their phones 2,617 times a day.

According to the New York Post from August 13, 2018, the blue light emitted from screens damages our eyes and the constant staring at one place strains them.

Cell phones affect our relationships according to Time. As people focus on their phones not their current relationships, people feel jealous and distant.

In impoverished countries around the world according to Gallup, people appreciate the status symbol of the phone and the availability of new information at their fingertips. Things never seen before are just a click away.

I remember buying my first cell phone less than twenty years ago and valued the convenience of having a portable phone for safety and communication.

Fast forward to today, each morning my alarm beeps from my cell phone. I scan my calendar, emails, social media, weather, and news ALL from my hand-sized computer.

I snap pictures, pay bills, read my Bible, and text/call from my phone.

It is safe to say that I depend on my phone, especially when it comes to google maps. I'm terrible at directions!

The cell phone is a wonderful tool, but it isn't meant to consume our lives.

When was the last time we shut our phones off and held a conversation? Completed a task? Or unplugged from technology?

Leaving our cell phones off seems impossible because we depend on them, but what if we treated our Bibles like our cell phones?

"What if we...

Carried it with us everywhere?

Turned back to get it if we forgot it?

Checked if for messages through the day?

Used it in case of an emergency?

Spend an hour or more using it each day?"

(Ce Best Quotes used by Megan Yates Dec. 6, 2016 in Life)

Just as the cell phone represents our clock, calendar, camera, connection, etc...

God's Word is our guidebook, and the only way to know the daily map is to spend time in it.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." Psalm 119:105 ESV

How much time am I spending studying God's Word?

As we start a new week, may we be mindful of our screen time and prioritize our relationship with God and others.


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