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Happy Thanksgiving

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What will you do this year for Thanksgiving?

Will you cook the turkey and pumpkin pie, visit family, or stay home due to Covid?

It may look different than previous years, but we can still celebrate because we have

A LOT to be thankful for!

In the craziness of 2020, I have forgotten. I have grumbled about the closures and the can'ts. But this week I read an article about Joni Eareckson Tada that reminded me to be grateful for the little things, even things I usually take for granted.

Joni Eareckson Tada dove into a lake and hit her head on a rock. As a result, she became a quadriplegic at seventeen. Yet, she learned to be thankful by reorienting her focus to the Lord and ALL the good things she still had.

“Humans are so inclined toward ingratitude,” says Joni “we compare our lot in life with others and either admire them from a distance or burn with envy.” She suggests that we challenge ourselves to give thanks for small and great things every day, recognizing that every good and perfect gift is ultimately from God’s hand anyway. **

What are things that we take for granted?

1. Electricity

2. Hot water

3. Clean air

4. Heaters and air conditioners

5. Indoor bathrooms

6. Dish washer, refrigerator, wash machine, dryer, etc.

7. Clean clothes

8. Laughter

9. Seeing, hearing, tasting, talking, touching, and walking

10. Healthy

11. Vehicle

12. Good roads

13. Freedoms

14. Family

15. Friends

16. Neighbors

17. Technology and resources

18. Ability to read

19. God's unconditional love

20. Gift of salvation

Now you go. What are you thankful for?

This Thanksgiving as we celebrate may we take time to be thankful for ALL of our blessings big and small. Happy Thanksgiving!

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