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Have you ever had a time in your life when everything seemed to go wrong? It didn’t rain; it poured.

Maybe you lost your job, and you stressed about how you would pay the bills. Or a loved one got sick, and you wondered if he or she would be ok. Perhaps your marriage or other relationship crumbled, and you debated about how to fix it. Or maybe someone you cherished died, and the pain paralyzed you.

WHAT IF _____________(you fill in the blank) happens, is there any hope?

In the past two years, my marriage suffered a rocky time, and we moved halfway around the world back to Iowa. That summer three of our four kids underwent surgeries, and my grandma died in the fall. Then right before Christmas, my son seriously injured his eye. My world collapsed.

I doubted, “God, do you love me? Why are you allowing all these bad things to happen to me? WHAT IF other problems come?” And they did.

My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and then my mom lost her one year battle with ALS. My health deteriorated. I battled depression and found a Christian counselor. I sobbed to the Lord and searched my Bible for answers. The Word of God salved my bleeding heart.

Habakkuk 3:17-18 (ESV) reads, “Though (even if) the fig tree should not blossom,

nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food,

the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, yet

I will rejoice in the LORD: I will take joy in the God of my salvation.”

The people in Habakkuk 3 also weathered some storms. Their fig trees, grape vines, and olive crops fizzled. All their animals croaked, and their crops failed. They wondered what they would eat. Life looked bleak.

Their way of life differs from the concerns of our lives today, but the feelings of hopelessness and despair remain the same. What will we do?

Two small words altered their thinking and mine. Verses 17 and 18 says, “Though (Even if) all these things happen, YET we will rejoice in the Lord.” They said “EVEN IF” not “WHAT IF.” They chose to focus on the Lord rather than their circumstances.

I complained “what if” more problems come and drowned in my situation. Instead, I needed to hold on the Lord and repeat, “Even if all these terrible things happen, I can YET find joy in the Lord.”

Why? Because my GOD is BIG and I am small. My God uttered words and created things out of nothing! My God loves me and rescued me from my sins! Nothing is impossible for Him!

The “what ifs” consume us with uncertainty, but the “even ifs” breathe life to our weary souls. So when the storms of life come, anchor onto the Lord. Say “Even if” this happens, I will yet hope in the Lord.

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