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Chewing on Scripture

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“Dinner’s ready,” I called, while smells of spicy meatballs, sweet potatoes, and chocolate cake wafted through our house. My family hurried and gathered around the table.

After saying grace, my family loaded their plates, until the asparagus was spotted.

Everyone politely took some, but no one ate the green stems.

“Please eat your vegetables,” I reminded.

Chatter and laughter followed as we finished our food, but two kids whispered and pushed their asparagus around their plates.

“What’s going on?” I inquired.

“He promised to pay me $5.00 if I eat his greens.” And he did!

One child ate extra vegetables, while one teen lost nutrients and cash.

Hopefully one day, my children will acquire a taste for eating their vegetables and other healthy habits.

Like my children's struggle for green things, I struggle with memorizing Scripture.

Both keep us healthy and strong, but require discipline to do. We must choose to do them.

How can we incorporate Bible memorization into our busy days?

First moments. As soon as you wake up, pray and focus on Scripture. Listen to your Bible's audio while you brush your teeth. Praise the Lord while you get dressed. Say your memory verse while you brew coffee or tea.

Write verses on 3x5 cards. Place them by the kitchen sink, bathroom mirror, and easy chair. Tuck them inside your purse and mini van. As you sit in the doctor's office, wait for a meeting, or pick up your kids, review your verses.

Draw a picture of the verse. Replace key words with drawings. For example, draw a bird's wing with a shelter underneath it. (Psalm 91:4, "He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.")

Add music. Sing or listen to the verse. When you walk the dog or jog around the block, tune your earbuds to Scripture reading or songs. As you cook supper or drive somewhere, sing your verse.

Phone a friend. Accountability is a great motivator for continued success. Call and tell your verse to your friend, or compete in a memory verse competition with someone.

Life is busy! If we intentionally squeeze Bible verses into our spare minutes, our Scriptural bank will grow. Lord, please increase our love for your Word (and vegetables:) and help us to daily mediate on it.

“The fear of the Lord is pure, enduring forever; the ordinances of the Lord are reliable and altogether righteous. They are more desirable than gold; and sweeter than honey, which comes from the honeycomb.” Psalm 19:9-10 ESV

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