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Cherishing the Little Moments

How often do you cherish the little moments?

This past week was bitterly cold and all I wanted to do was bundle up and stay inside, but my husband and I had planned a Valentine's date for after work.

Our daughter giggled with excitement and challenged us to be fancy.

"How often do you get a chance to dress up?" she gushed.

Several excuses ran through my mind: it is -30 degrees, the dress is sleeveless, people may stare at the crazy couple...

With a little coaxing, we dressed up and had a ball.

Why hadn't we done this sooner? How many opportunities are we missing because we make excuses?

"Sometime you may never the true value of the moment until it becomes a memory."

Dr. Seuss

Playing board games; using crystal and china for dinner; dressing up for an evening out;

sending a thoughtful card; watching the sunrise; listening to a friend; baking a cake; chatting by the fire...

Cherishing the little moments may take a few extra minutes to plan, but the end result is worth it.

What are ways you cherish the moments? Please share your ideas here.

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