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5 Tips for Focused Praying

"If your day is hemmed in with prayer, it is less likely to come unraveled." Cynthia Lewis

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Sometimes when I pray, my mind wanders. I start thinking about my to-do list, wondering who texted me, or even falling asleep. My desire is to pray, but distractions capture my attention.

Does this happen to you? How can we keep more focused?

1. Keep a prayer journal

Use a pretty journal to record specific prayer requests with the date. When God answers the petition, write the date and thank the Lord. This creates a wonderful log of answered prayers and God's faithfulness.

2. Use a calendar

Pray for different topics on different days. For example, on Mondays, pray for family and friends. On Tuesdays, pray for the sick and injured. On Wednesdays, pray for missionaries and church leaders. On Thursdays, pray for our country and leaders. On Fridays, pray for work related problems.

Also, schedule specific times for prayer and praise. Maybe on Tuesdays at noon, you fast. On Thursday evenings at supper, your family prays for missionaries. Or every morning at 6:00, you spend a few minutes in prayer. The key is to schedule it and do it!

3. Pray Scripture

Pray verses and prayers from the Bible.

Ephesians 3:14-18 records a prayer asking to be strengthen with the Spirit's power, to be rooted in love, and to comprehend Christ's love.

Philippians 1:9-11 lists a prayer requesting abounding love, wise discernment , pure living, and overflowing righteousness.

4. Change it up

Alter your posture from sitting to standing, walking, kneeling, or lying facedown.

Choose different locations like strolling in the woods, park, or city block.

Write or sing your prayers.

Speak "popcorn prayers" (short sentences).

5. Pray with a Friend

Ask a friend to pray with you in-person or over the phone. Praying with someone requires accountability and attentiveness.

Lord, when I pray, please remove all distractions and help me to concentrate on You.

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